Tips on Driving Safely in the Rain

Tips on Driving Safely in the Rain

Rain never seems to be that far away in England, even during the summer months. However, we have now reached that time of year when we can get what seems like endless days of grey, miserable days with a never-ending deluge from the sky above.

You would think that many drivers are used to waking up to wet, and potentially dangerous roads and know all the precautions that should be taken when you get behind the wheel. But, you would be surprised at how inexperienced a lot of drivers are. So in the following few words, we’re going to give you some tips on how to drive safely when it’s raining.


This is an obvious point. When the roads are wet and you have to make an emergency stop, it will take far longer for your car to react. Sticking to the speed limit is something you should do whatever the weather conditions, but in the rain it’s vitally important! Accidents happen more often in poor weather, and a great number of them are due to the fact that people drive at the same speed they would in fine weather.

If you’re on the motorway, be especially careful and NEVER go above the speed limit that’s set out in front of you. That is to say, if you come across a digital sign telling you the limit is 50mph make sure you don’t go over this.


Some of you reading this may have no idea what we’re talking about. What aquaplaning means is when your car is travelling on water, and has little or no contact with the road. This can be incredibly dangerous and you could lose control. The main thing to do is stay calm. Slow down without using your brakes and steer as straight as you can. Of course, this point does kind of go hand in hand with speed so bear that in mind too.

The Car

There are a number of things you can do to make sure you’re visibility isn’t reduced when you’re on the road in the rain. Many shops sell rain repellent products you can spray on your side mirrors and windows which will help. Make sure your wipers are in good working order, and that the cool setting on your heating system is also working. The latter will help if your windows start to “fog” up.

If you’re Nervous

If you you’re worried about driving in the rain, where you can take an experienced driver with you. They can act as a second pair of eyes, and it will help your confidence. Where possible, avoid driving in the dark because rain repels light and this can affect your visibility. Most of all, TAKE IT SLOW!

Don’t worry about other road users who appear impatient with you (they’re probably not thinking about safety anyway). If you get to a point where the weather is really affecting your concentration, and you’re concerned about being safe find somewhere to pull over for a while. Following a few of the simple steps above will help your confidence grow, and most importantly will keep you safe!


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