We have had many happy pupils who are more than happy to share their thoughts:

Firstly, I enjoyed every driving lesson. The best part was the little tips on how to complete different manoeuvres as this really helped me get to grips with what I was supposed to do and I used all these tips whenever I carried out these manoeuvres as I felt it was the easiest way to complete them. You always tried your best to make sure I had a lesson each week, even when you were going on holiday when my lesson was supposed to be we sat down and went through every time that I could do to see if it matched with your availabilities, and you were always on time to every lesson I had. While driving I was making mistakes in my lessons that would have failed me, but with your help I was able to pass my test first time and am no longer making those mistakes while on the road. I have recommended you to my cousin and friend who are both still with you and I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for an instructor. 

James Askew

I came to James school of motoring from another driving school and quickly found that this is where I should of been from the start! Jim basically taught me everything again from scratch! He is very calm and patient and I felt relaxed driving with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jim, he gave me the skills and confidence needed to become a good driver.

Katy Chapman

1. Reliable         = 5 Star  (Brand new car and Good passing rate)
2. Punctuality    = 5 Star  (Always come for the lessons on time or few minutes early)
3. Experience    = 5 Star  (Well experienced instructor)
4. Economical    = 5 Star (Very reasonable hourly rate)
5. Flexible          = 5 Star (Flexible hours for the convenient)
Thanks for your Effort and Kindness to make me “Pass on First Time” with “Only one Fault”

Ayyam Perumal

I would easily recommend James School of Motoring to any of my friends or family! Not being the most natural driver, it took me a while to get the hang of sitting in the driving seat, but thanks to Jim’s patience and awful singing I passed first time! Jim is a great instructor and makes the lessons really enjoyable. Thank you so much Jim!

Jasmine Moore