Guide to Driving Lessons

How many lessons?

We all know someone, or have parents, who say “I only had a few lessons and passed”. But long gone are the days of 10 lessons and pass your test! Please look at our link to the DSA. (Driving Standards Agency) and see their guidelines so you know what to expect.

However you can reduce the amount of lessons by obtaining a copy of the DSA official publication ‘Driving: the essential skills’ and the new Highway Code. Reading them alongside your lessons will certainly reduce the number you need.

Taking regular lessons where possible is also important. Stopping and starting lessons will only add to the time and overall cost.

How many lessons a week?

Before taking your driving test you will need to have reached a standard where you can drive safely and without help, in any road situation. The number of lessons you need will depend on:

  • Any previous driving experience.
  • The length and frequency of your lessons.
  • Whether you are in a position to have private practice with friends or family.
  • Reading recommended books.

Everybody is different – it depends on your age, learning ability and how quickly you need your driving licence. At least two lessons a week is recommended but if this not possible due to time and budget that’s fine, it just may take a little longer.

You will find our driving lesson prices are cheaper than many of the larger driving schools.