Will I be asked questions about the car?

  • You will be asked one question about the car at the start of the test (“tell me”).  This was previously 2 questions.  Eg. You may be asked to open the bonnet and point out how you would check fluid levels.
  • Do not worry – they are only very simple safety checks and your instructor will cover this information with you.

The driving test itself normally lasts around 40 minutes.

  • There is an eyesight test at the start followed by “Show Me, Tell Me”.
  • Your driving test will then follow.  It will include one manoeuvre, eg parking on the right hand side of the road, reverse bay parking or parking forward bay park or parallel park.
  • An emergency stop may be included.
  • It will also include a 20 minute period of independent driving, half of which could include using sat nav (satellite navigation).
  • The second question (“show me”) will be asked whilst driving eg “wash and wipe the windscreen.
  • Your instructor will have prepared you for this with a mock test which will imitate the real one, identifying any weaker areas which may need correcting.