UK driving test information 2015

UK driving test information 2015

Driving tests in the UK are designed to measure if you can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions and if you know the Highway Codes. You need to show this through your driving ability, eyesight check, two vehicle safety questions, and theory test.

The eyesight check requires you to read a license plate number 20 metres away for vehicles with the new-style number plate. You will also need to read a license plate that is printed in the old style at least 20.5 metres away. If you fail the eyesight test, you will not be allowed to carry on with the theory or the practical driving test.

The driving ability part of your test will last 40 minutes. The examiner will be looking for safe driving habits. You should follow the directions the examiner gives you. The test will include normal stops, angle starts or pulling out from behind a parked vehicle, a hill start and an emergency stop. If you are nervous, you may ask someone who is older the 16 years to accompany you.

You will also need to reverse your vehicle by reversing around corners, turning in the road, and reverse parking. An independent driving test will also be administered to assess your ability to drive safely while making your own decisions.

The written tests include fifty questions that test your ability to know the rules of the road. These questions are multiple-choice, and each has four answers. The theory test has a time limit of 57 minutes. You must correctly answer 43 of these questions to pass.

Some of the questions you will encounter are: On a standard three-lane motorway, what is the purpose of the right-hand lane? The answer choices are: for low-speed cruising on the motorway, for the purpose of overtaking, for high-speed cruising on the motorway, or for use by high sided vehicles.

Another question could be: While driving behind a vehicle on a road that is slippery and wet, what time gap should you have between their car and doors? The answer should be: one second is not enough time, 4 seconds would be better.

When you feel confident about your ability to drive and take the driving test, you can book your practical driving test by going online to and following the links for Driving & Transport. The fees for the Theory Test are £25.00, and all tests are conducted in English or Welsh. There are no foreign language tests currently available.

During the theory test, you will see computer generated clips that feature every day road scenes and contain developing hazards. You will need to watch the screen and make a response. The quicker you spot the problems and solve them, the higher your score will be. If you pass the theory test, you will get a certificate. You must have a passed certificate in order to take the practical tests. Keep your certificate safe and take the practical test within two years.

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