Archive 7th August 2012

Helpful resources to learn to drive

When I learnt to drive, the only resource available to me was a book which had in its pages the Highway Code. Other than that I had to listen to my instructor during my lessons. Technology was not what we know today; owning a computer or a mobile phone was a luxury, DVD’s were not available and the likes of YouTube had not even been thought of.  When they could, my friends and my mum would test me.  However; these times were often far and few between due to their other commitments with work etc…

The driving test is now more involved than when I took it and in my opinion this is as it should be so as to ensure the health and safety of all those using our roads however; so is technology and the ways in which we can use it. The resources available to day for those learning to drive are much more accessible and the ways in which we can use them are more effective and motivating than simply memorizing information from a book.

  • Mobile Phone Applications

Most people now own a mobile phone and they do so much more than make telephone calls; for those learning to drive there are some amazing applications which will afford them such things as access to over 900 of the current authorised test questions for the Theory Test. It will simulate the test environment and if you get an answer wrong it will explain the theory behind the correct answer. The applications are available to download instantly with free and paid for versions for as little as £1.99.

  • PC DVD Rom

The Driving Test Premium Edition Software from Avanquest covers every aspect of learning to drive; the Theory Test, Hazard Perception, Practical Test, Driving Lessons and Car Maintenance. It is the way in which the information is afforded the user which makes this software worth every penny of its £20. The videos of driving lessons and the driving test cover absolutely every aspect of what to expect and allow you to interact with them and learn, so that there are no surprises in store when the day of your actual test arrives.

  • CD’s / Download

Whether you own an iPod or similar or still rely on your car and home stereo, there are various audio resources available for download and on compact disc, covering not only the basics like the Theory Test but also such things as techniques to improve your confidence and calm your nerves. The benefit of this kind of technology is that it allows you learn whilst travelling to and from work or college and even when you are at home cooking, cleaning or just relaxing.

Most of the DVD and CD resources are available either by download or box sets, in their entirety or obtainable section by section.

The cost of learning to drive has increased since I took my test yet I have found that the resources available in today’s market are priced such that whatever your budget there will be an effective, interactive and motivating tool available to use whether you require it for at home, work, college or whilst on the go.

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