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Christmas Present Ideas for Someone wanting to learn to Drive

When I learnt to drive, all I had to help me was my trusty copy of the Highway Code which I studied “parrot fashion” and the time spent with my Driving Instructor. I didn’t have to pass a theory test or learn the basic knowledge of how my chosen car worked. It took me three attempts to pass my test and I still have to ask my partner to check my car for the oil and water levels!

What is involved with gaining a full driving license now has evolved such, that we achieve a higher standard of health and safety for all road users and with this so have the products available in order for a learner driver to pass their test so that they have a higher level of confidence and abilities when they get behind the wheel of a car on their own for the first time.

Learning to drive is an expensive process, so Christmas is the perfect time for friends and family to collate together a perfect package of tools to help a learner driver achieve success. With so many products now available there is something to suit every budget, so whether you are on a budget of pocket money only or have a healthier bank balance there will be something guaranteed to please any learner driver.

Most of us have a mobile phone which supports the many applications available in today’s market. These can start at as little as £1.99 and once downloaded afford the user the ability to learn their theory test interactively with access to over 900 example theory test questions whilst on the go. Therefore precious study can be done in all work and college breaks etc…

Nearly everyone has access to a computer or television at home, with this in mind and for a budget of approximately £10 – £60 there are arrays of interactive DVD, s which allow not only for the interactive study of the theory test but also show examples of and allow for practice tests of Hazard Perception Test. Some will also show a typical example of what to expect in a formal driving lesson and the practical test itself.

driving lesson christmas vouchersMy first set of driving lessons was a present from my parents, yet that many moons ago they cost an average of £7 per hour! This has changed considerably since then and lessons now cost a lot more. They can still be purchased and paid for by the hour however with many driving schools there is an option to buy block lessons and obtain discounts by doing so and of course there are also those centres which will allow you to take time out of life and undertake an intensive course over a few weeks.

So, if you know someone who would like to learn to drive and are struggling to think what to get them for Christmas, before you head for underwear or toiletries department to buy them those same old socks or fragrance, think about think about giving them an incentive to pass their test and browse the many wonderful comprehensive products which would help them achieve their desire.