Archive 19th May 2014

A Car Shouldn’t Be an Extension of Your Personality

So, you’ve passed your driving test and (with a little help from Mum and Dad), you have your first car! This is an exciting time for many young people, but it can also be a bit nerve-racking especially when you head out on to the roads alone.

However, this article isn’t about dealing with your nerves it’s about how you treat your car. So, in the following few words you will find out why a car shouldn’t really be an extension of your personality. Well, it might turn out that it can but only to a certain extent.

Fun Accessories

As you no doubt know, there are various hardware stores that dedicate quite a bit of floor space to all those fun accessories you can get for your car. However, be very careful when you’re choosing what you would like. Remember, you’re still new to driving and safety has to be your first consideration.

Of course, you can get spoilers, alloy wheel trims and all manner of stickers that will help “personalise” your car and these can be a good way of showing off your personality. Perhaps as a young lady you might want to add a pair of long eye-lashes to the top of your headlights, or as a young man, that strip of vinyl fire down the side is something you would like to consider.

What you do have to be careful of are accessories that will distract you or block your view when you’re driving. For instance, furry dice or anything-else that hangs from your rear view mirror should be off your list! The same goes for things that sit on you parcel shelf. In fact, anything that obscures your view isn’t a very good idea.

Electrical Gadgets

Again, there are tons of these on the market ranging from those that will allow you to use and charge things like MP3 players, iPhones and all sorts of other things. You may even have considered buying a satellite navigation system. This last gadget can be very useful if you intend to drive to places you don’t know very well.

However, they’re also a HUGE distraction. Many of them sit on your dashboard or in the middle of the control panel in your car, and the main problem with that is (whether you’re thinking about it or not), your eyes will be drawn to it. Whilst you were learning to drive, you will have been told about all the dangers associated with distracted driving, and if you’re not concentrating accidents can happen very quickly!

The same goes for music. Everyone loves to listen to a bit of music but playing it too loudly will affect your ability to concentrate. Plus, it may be so loud you won’t hear something that’s potentially important. In fact, if you are stopped by the police and your music is too loud you could end up in trouble.


Yes, your car can be an extension of your personality but just remember that safety ALWAYS has to come first.