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Taking the UK Driving Theory Test

The Theory test contains fifty queries in a multiple choice format. All the questions will be on a computer display screen which happens to be touch-sensitive. The queries are made to be particularly convenient to read, only showing one by one. You are allowed to skip forwards and backwards through the questions, and can take up to 57 minutes to complete the theory test.

If you happen to be a learner driver in the United Kingdom you are demanded, by law, to take and complete a driving theory test before making a reservation for a practical driving exam. In some cases however, you might be required to take a different test to be able to get a driving license for another car like a motorcycle bus, coach or even a lorry.

Presently, there are 2 tests that need to be passed to be able to get a complete driver’s license. Initially there is the theory test and then, within 2 years of completing this, the practical test.

The theory test consists of 2 parts

  • Multiple-choice test
  • Hazard perception test

Both parts must be completed to be able to get a theory test pass certificate. This will permit the candidate to book a practical driving test. Applicants have 2 years from the day that they passed the first section of their theory test to take their practical test, or perhaps they will have to complete both parts of the theory test again before they can book a practical test.

Outside Europe

In case you are in possession of a complete driving license from a country outside the European Union it might be simple for you to swap your license for an exact license that is valid in the United Kingdom. To be able to determine whether you can swap your license, you should to get in touch with the DVSA.

If you were not able to swap your foreign license you will still have to go for a UK provisional driving license, which would necessitate that you take and qualify for a UK driving theory test and practical test.

For more explanation or even recommendation, it’s suggested that you seek advice from a 3rd party booking service or perhaps go to the official United Kingdom Government web page to learn about ¬†what you have to do .

Foreign License Holders

If you happen to hold a valid ‘Community’ drivers license and you’re travelling to the UK you can use any kind of car so long as your license stays valid. The proper complete entitlement for the car you would like to drive ought to be easily shown on your license. During these situations you will not be required to obtain a UK theory exam.

United Kingdom Driving License Holder

In case you presently have a complete United Kingdom driving license for a vehicle, should you need a license for a new classification of vehicle, for instance a motorcycle, you are going to be required to take a UK theory test that includes motorcycle proper multiple-choice queries.

But, upgrading a license within the exact vehicle class will not necessitate that you take a theory test. For example, when you have a complete automatic car license and you would like to upgrade to a manual license you will not be needed to take a test.