Anyone for Driving Lessons in the Dark?

Anyone for Driving Lessons in the Dark?

So, we’ve reached that time of year again when the nights are drawing in. In fact since the clocks went back, in some areas of the UK it’s probably dark when you leave home in the morning, and come home at night. For learner drivers, this can be a VERY intense time especially if you have to organise lessons early or late in the day.

If you’re just starting out with driving lessons, it might not be such a big deal because you’ll very quickly get used to the idea of driving at night. However, for those of you who started your lessons when it was still light outside the mere idea of taking to the roads in the dark can send you running (literally) for the hills!

But, Fear not because we have some advice for you:

Talk to Your Instructor

When you’re learning to drive, the instructor you’ve chosen should be your best friend. That doesn’t mean you have to talk to each other on Facebook every-day! It just means you need to be comfortable enough on a professional level to talk to them about your concerns.

It takes some-time for a person to become a driving instructor, and they’re trained to deal with just about all (if not ALL) eventualities that may crop up. Tell them you’re feeling nervous about driving in the dark even if it means setting some time aside during your next lesson.

Remember, they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Start in Daylight

Wherever possible, take a driving lesson so its light outside when you begin and gradually gets dark as you go along. This way, your eyes will adjust to things like headlights and street lights appearing. It will also help your senses of perception catch-up with you as day becomes night.

Take an Intense Night Driving Course

This is possibly one piece of advice that will help those of you who are close to taking a practical driving test, but have never driven in the dark. After all, you don’t get to choose when you take the test and it could very well fall right at the end of the day.

Again, it’s worth talking to your instructor about this because they may be able to put a package together so it doesn’t cost you a load more cash you weren’t expecting pay out. If that’s not possible, there are plenty of driving schools around that will be more than happy to help you. Plus, they have some pretty good deals on price if you book several in one go.

Don’t Go Backwards!

The one thing to remember, even though you’re probably feeling like you’re about to take your driving test is to not let driving in the dark send you backwards. Everything you’ve learned so far will stand you in good stead for this little “hurdle” you have to get over.

After all, the more prepared you are when you finally get your full driving licence, the safer you’ll feel once you’re allowed on the roads without someone by your side.


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