Do I Need Glasses for Driving?

Do I Need Glasses for Driving?

This is a question many people don’t ask, and the main reason for this is pride! As silly as it sounds, lots of us don’t like to admit that our eyesight might be failing however, this could be a very dangerous thing to do if you often spend time on the roads.

The trouble with eyesight issues is they don’t tend to happen overnight. You might notice that you have to draw in closer so you can read a map or road sign (or indeed move away so you can see it more clearly). If you think this might be you, you’re not alone! Statistics show that at least 26% of drivers in the UK haven’t had an eye test in the last 2 years.

Legal Requirements

Unfortunately, the DVLA has yet to tighten up the laws on how healthy your eyesight is when you drive. In fact, the only real test you have is during your practical driving test when you have to be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away without any trouble.

If you already wear contact lenses or glasses when you have to take this test, it’s not a problem. After that, there is little in the way of regulation. In fact, the DVLA relies upon you and to some extent, insurance companies so they know you can see properly when you drive.

How to Recognise the Signs

Aside from having trouble not being able to read various road signs when you’re out driving, there are other signs to look for. Perhaps you don’t notice vehicles coming up to junctions very well, or you find it hard to see what type of vehicle is about to overtake you (motorcycles are a great example of this).

Don’t Be Embarrassed!

You shouldn’t let your pride get in the way. After all, millions of people have eye problems that vary in severity from slight long or short sightedness to more complicated issues. The fact is you’re not alone, and if someone close to you has expressed some concern, take this “on board”!

Visiting an optician isn’t taboo, and if it’s been a while since you saw one you might find you’ll have to book well in advance because so many other people are ahead of you in the queue. If you are told you need glasses especially for driving, make sure you wear them! Studies have shown that about 9% of drivers who are advised to wear glasses when they’re driving either forget or don’t bother.

There is no shame in admitting your eyes are not working like they once used to because this is one of the most common problems anyone can have, so make sure you visit the optician if you’re in the least bit worried.

It could save your (or someone-else’s) life. What would be worse? Reaching for the case that contains a pair of glasses you need for driving or having to deal with the fact that you or someone-else was severely inured in an accident that could have been avoided!


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