Don’t Stress Just Because It’s Rush Hour!

Don’t Stress Just Because It’s Rush Hour!

As a new driver it may surprise you to know that even the most seasoned drivers can get stressed out when they have to take to the roads during the rush hour, and with the festive period just around the corner this can make things ten times worse!

Some refer to rush hour as “stop, start driving” and with good reason! You also have to remember that this type of driving is usually done when people aren’t exactly at their best. First thing in the morning people are tired or even worse some are still feeling the after effects from the night before.

In the evening, it’s the same story. Everyone is tired after a hard day at work, their stress levels might already be up because it’s been a particularly hard day and all their concerned about is getting home to a warm house and a cup of tea.

Concentration Levels

Given the information above, it’s easy to understand that more accidents happen during rush hour than at any other time of the day. You also have to take into account the fact that you’re probably driving in heavy traffic which means you’ll generally be moving pretty slowly.

Coupled with thinking about other things and feeling like you have nothing more to do than stare at the car in front it’s no surprise that you’re concentration levels wane, and this is the one thing you need to avoid. Instead of looking at what the car in front is up to, try looking further along the line of traffic.

This will help you work out what speed everyone is likely to be doing when it’s “your turn” to move along. Doing this also helps you anticipate anything untoward that might happen.

Keep Your Patience

This is possibly one of the hardest things to do especially if you’re late for work. However, being told off for being a few minutes late instead of spending the day trying to sort out a road accident is a far better option. Avoid trying to nip into gaps that appear so you can get ahead more quickly. In fact, this isn’t going to get you anywhere! Plus, you might upset another road user and it doesn’t bear thinking about where that might end up!

Tips To Keep You Calm

Whilst we recommend you concentrate at all times, there are a few things you can do that will help to keep you calm:

  • Keep your arms and shoulders as relaxed as possible. The more you tense up the more your body will react.
  • If you do happen to stop in a traffic jam, have a stretch. Roll your head around or stretch your arms (but only when it’s safe to do so).
  • Finally, try listening to something that makes you laugh or pop on some soothing mood music.

If you follow some of the advice given above, you’ll find your drive to and from work or that trip to and from your Christmas shopping a far more pleasurable experience.


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