Tips for Getting Your Car Ready For Your Summer Holiday

Tips for Getting Your Car Ready For Your Summer Holiday

Summer is the time when we get to escape work for a couple of weeks and enjoy a fun holiday with friends or family. If the weather is at its best then we also make the most of the sunshine at weekends and for those with children there is the thought of how to keep them amused for six weeks off school! If what we choose involves travelling there by car then we need to ensure that both we and our vehicle are ready for whatever we decide to do.

  • Even though you may service your car often, it would be sensible to check certain items such as oil and water level, tyres treads and wiper blades amongst others to ensure that they are functioning effectively, especially if you intend going on a long journey. You won’t want to find yourself broken down on the roadside with the family whilst you wait for a recovery truck all thanks to something which could have taken just a minute to check and been fixed before travelling.

It’s a certainty that you will enjoy what you had planned far much more than playing “Yellow Car, Green Car” with an angry spouse and bored kids, whilst sat on a grass verge waiting for hours on end!

  • On that note, you should however be prepared for the unexpected which may leave you stationary for a while. Plan for your trip a few days in advance and ensure those all important games consoles for children or such like as well as snacks, drinks, map books, warning notices etc… are packed.
  • If you are going abroad you need to consider so much more. Along with your passport you will be required by law to carry your driving license, insurance details, MOT and the required warning sign and reflective body wear. You may also want to take the time to research possible other laws of driving relating to the country you are visiting.

For example; in parts of Spain you are not allowed to carry your supermarket shopping on the back seat of the car – it MUST be in the boot.  Failure to adhere to this and any other misdemeanour will result in an on the spot two hundred euro fine and it’s no use saying “you don’t carry that kind of money on you” – the Guardia will either escort you to the nearest cash point or charge your credit card (I kid you not!) or in worse case scenarios’ impound your car!

Whatever your choice of holiday or day out, the safety of you, your family and other road users is of the utmost importance, so think before you travel – make sure your car is maintained to the highest standard before you leave and that you are ready for every eventuality. This will all help to have a successful trip.


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