Summer Might Just Be on the Way – Tips on Preparing Your Car

Summer Might Just Be on the Way – Tips on Preparing Your Car

It may not seem like it so far this year but, at some point we will experience summer in the UK. We have posted many hints and tips over the past months on what you should do to keep you and your car safe when you’re out on the road and whilst we do place a heavy emphasis on winter driving, it’s just as important during the summer months.

In the following few words, you’re going to find come handy tips that will help keep your car in good condition when the temperatures are on the rise. These tips will also help to keep you safe as well.

The Windscreen

Having a clear windscreen is of vital importance and this doesn’t just mean the parts that your wiper blades reach, it means ALL of the windscreen. When the weather starts to warm up guess what we get? Yes! Flies! These pesky insects appear to actually make a “bee-line” for your windscreen, especially when you’re driving at high speeds.

There isn’t any driver on the road that hasn’t suffered that horrid splat sound only to find a fly squashed all over the one place on your windscreen you need to see through properly at all times. You can’t stop flies committing suicide on your windscreen of course but, you can make sure what remains of the poor creature comes away without too much trouble.

Make sure you replace your wipers regularly. It’s not always easy to tell when they’re starting to wear (until you hear that terrible squeak) so prevention is better than a cure. You should also make sure you keep the washer fluid well topped up and use a decent detergent that’s made for car windscreens.

Salt and Dust

Salt will be more prevalent during the winter months and we tend to leave washing our cars at this time of year until it gets a little warmer. After all, the rain will wash away the dirt right? Wrong! Your bodywork may look OK as far as the top of your car goes but, what’s going on underneath?

Salt is corrosive and when it gets into the underside of your car, it will quickly start to cause rust. Now is the time to give your car a good old scrub from top to bottom, making sure you pay particular attention to the bodywork underneath.

Dust is another problem. If you have air-conditioning this can get inside (not to mention all the pollen that’s floating around) so, it’s a good idea to make sure you clean any filters you have to ensure they’re free of dust and other small particles that can clog this part of your car up. In fact, this is something you should do on a regular basis throughout the year.


It doesn’t really matter what time of year it is, you should always make sure you keep your car clean on the outside and maintain any internal filters that can get clogged with dirt. The only difference in summer is you’re dealing with slightly different issues.


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