You’re Never Too Old to Gain That Full Driving Licence

You’re Never Too Old to Gain That Full Driving Licence

When you reach a certain age, there are many things you can come across that may leave you saying “I’m just too old now”. Perhaps you always wanted to climb a mountain, but never found the opportunity and now you’re afraid your body just won’t deal with the physical stress.

It could also be that you thought about travelling the world, going white water rafting or even doing a bungy jump but never found the time. The list can be endless especially when your thirties are behind you and you feel you’ve reached a “certain age” where sense should prevail.

It can be the same if you’ve never learned to drive, and there are also many reasons why this might have happened. Perhaps you’ve spent most of your life living in an inner city and a car just wasn’t something you ever needed? Or, maybe you had a bad experience learning to drive when you were younger and that’s left you feeling too nervous to give it another go.

Whatever the reason….

It’s never too late!

OK, so the thought of jumping off a bridge with only a piece of elastic to keep you safe might send a shiver down your spine, but so can the idea of finally learning to drive when you’re older. After all, there is a certain stigma attached to gaining this skill, and that’s the fact most people do this in their late teens or early 20’s.

However the one thing to remember is, (unlike bungy jumping) learning to drive is for EVERYONE! There are no age restrictions to speak of except for the fact that you need to be at least 17 years old (and that probably doesn’t apply to you if you’re reading this). Plus, you will find that if you’re aged from 30 upwards, you’ll be met with a little more respect simply because you have more life experience.

Points to Consider

When you first start looking for a driving instructor (and it is best that you do), think about how you’re going to feel about the person sat next to you. Some people may not be bothered by an instructor who is younger than them, but for those of you who are don’t be afraid to ask for someone who is more your age bracket.

If, in the past you decided to give up on the idea of learning to drive because it was all just too much for you it can be a struggle dealing with the nerves. Again, you can speak to a driving school about this issue and the experts they have will be more than happy to help you through this.

Above all, don’t worry about the fact that you’re a “mature student”. You’re not the only one and it will surprise you when walking into a test centre how many people are the same age as you. As said, it’s never too late to gain a full driving licence and although it can be a nerve racking time there are plenty of driving schools out there who will welcome you with open arms.


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