Long Car Journeys –Stay Safe!

Long Car Journeys –Stay Safe!

We all know that every-time you get into your car, you’re taking a risk. However, for most of us we will breeze through our “driving lives” without any issues at all or at the very most the odd minor one here and there. Because driving does eventually become second nature (and if you’re currently learning believe us when we say it will), you can become a little complacent about the risks involved.

For those of your that drive long distances all the time, you could consider yourself a seasoned “pro”, but for people who don’t drive a long way very often the points made below are something you should really think about before you embark upon your journey (or, indeed during your journey).


If you intend to take a route that’s new to you, preparation is vital! OK, so no-one ever came to any real harm by getting lost but it doesn’t exactly help your stress levels so having a good idea of the route you intend to take is the one of the first things to think about.

The internet is a great place to start and there are many websites that will help you map out your route, and you can then print off a copy so it’s with you in the car. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to take a road map with you anyway just in case things do go wrong and you’re lost with the instructions you brought with you.

Satellite Navigation systems are something many people will turn to these days, however they’re not fool proof and can act as a distraction from what’s happening on the road so use these with care. In fact, in our opinion you should never rely solely on a SatNav system.

The Night Before

The very last thing you should do is go out with friends the night before, especially if alcohol is involved. Even one drink could still be in your system the next day, and you might feel OK but your faculties might not be what they should be. Instead, make sure you get an early night so you’re refreshed the next morning.

On the Day

Avoid having a large breakfast. The reason for this is a full stomach can make you feel sleepy pretty soon after you embark upon your journey, and this won’t help concentration levels. Consider a light breakfast, and then you can take a well earned break at a local service station for some refreshment no more than 2 hours into your trip.

Speaking of breaks, these should be something you take as often as you feel the need to. One of the biggest causes of accidents with long distance driving is tiredness, so if you’re concentration starts to wane, or you feel a little stiff it’s time to pull over for a while and take a break.

Above all, take your time! Being in a rush can cause all sorts of problems. Day-to-day life is stressful enough so treat your journey like a day out and you’ll be just fine.


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